•  The Rochelle Park School District recognizes that childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Childhood obesity is one of the biggest threats to lifelong health. Midland School is committed to promoting a healthy school environment by supporting wellness, good nutrition and physical activity.
     Midland School has established some guidelines for celebrations that are held during the school year. In addition, because we have many students who have food allergies, the guidelines address concerns about the safety of these students when food is served.
    Birthday and Holiday Celebration Guidelines:
    From birthdays to holidays, children and teachers have many reasons to celebrate during the school year. Along with the fun, usually comes food. Traditionally, classes celebrate with non-nutritious foods like cupcakes, doughnuts and cookies. However, with a few changes, parents and teachers can shift the focus of school parties from unhealthy food to healthy fun.
    • Only healthy snacks are permitted
    • Snacks (food or beverage) may not list sugar (in any form) as the first ingredient (snacks like cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies or similar items are not permitted)
    • No form of candy is permitted
    • All foods must be peanut/tree nut free. Please check ingredients listed on any packaged foods to be sure that it does not pose a threat to those students with allergies

    Some Healthy Food and Non Food Alternatives for Birthday and Holiday Celebrations in the Classroom

    Healthy Food Alternatives (Instead of cupcakes/doughnuts/cookies):

    • fruit kabobs or fruit salad
    • cut up fruit w/yogurt dip
    • cut up veggies/dip
    • applesauce cups
    • fruit cups in natural fruit juice
    • low fat pudding
    • popcorn
    • graham crackers/animal crackers
    • whole grain crackers w/low fat cheese
    • string cheese
    • rice cakes
    • pretzels
    • whole grain granola bars/cereal bars
    • dry, low sugar cereal
    • mini muffins
    • mini bagels w/cream cheese or butter
    • pita bread/chips w/hummus or veggie dip
    • baked tortilla chips w/salsa
    • low fat trail mix made w/pretzels, raisins, dried fruit, high fiber cereal,  (NO NUTS)
    • gummy fruit snacks made from  100% fruit juice
    • 100% fruit juice

     ** If possible, please do not send in foods made with artificial sweeteners.

     **For some healthy snack ideas, check out Pinterest or parents.com or do a google image search for “healthy classroom snacks”.**

    Non-Food Alternatives:

    • stickers, play tattoos, crayons/ coloring books, pencils, erasers, bubbles, or other small fun toy
    • donate a book to the library in your child’s honor and have the teacher read to the class
    • having the child’s name announced over the loud speaker
    • child gets to wear a birthday crown/sash signed by the class
    • child gets to be the teacher’s special helper for the day