Be Respectful
    • Use inside voices in the office.
    • Listen to one another.
    • Walk back to class with whisper voices.
    • Keep things that others share private.
    • Speak to and about others without name-calling.
    • Keep hands, feet and things to yourself
    • Use "please," "thank you," "excuse me"
    • Reply politely to all around you 
    Be Responsible 
    • Get permission from classroom teacher to be here.
    • Complete work you may have missed when here.
    • Be honest.
    • Admit when you have done something wrong. 
    • Honor the dress code
    • Do your best work
    • Take care of your own things
    • Wait patiently and quietly
    • Respect school property
    Solve Problems
    • If you are here to talk about a problem, be prepared to solve it.
    • Try not to ask for help with the same problem if you have not tried previous suggestions to solve it.
    • Invite the person you are having a problem with to come see Ms. Nam with you.
    • Stay on topic.
    • Involve only people who have something to do with the problem. 
    Act Promptly
    • Move directly from one place to another
    • Pay attention to what is going on around yo
    • Follow directions immediately
    • Be on time 
    Remember Safety 
    • Do not hurt others.
    • Walk at all times.
    • Use equipment with care and correct purpose.
    • Take your turn in line