• Thank you
    DECEMBER 10, 2013
    Dear Parents, Guardians and Rochelle Park Community:
    Thank you for your continued support.  The referendum for proposed renovations and upgrades was approved by the electorate by a majority vote (411 'Yes',  125 'No').

    The District Board of Education will now proceed with plans to implement infrastructure repairs such as boiler replacement, window replacements, roof replacement, stucco outside wall replacement, bathroom renovations and floor replacement.  Several building security enhancements will include exterior door replacement and security access system, clocks and PA System upgrade and an interior sprinkler system.

    We extend our appreciation to the District Referendum Planning Committee, the various community organizations, the Teacher’s Association and community members for their continued support.  

    Keep in mind, as we move forward with the renovations and upgrades, the inconveniences will be temporary, the improvements will be permanent.

    Dr. Dennis McDonald
    Interim Superintendent.
     Committee Members
    Pictured above are Referendum Committee Members Celebrating