Keeping Our Kids Safe, Healthy, & in School
    2021-2022 HIB GRADES
    All New Jersey schools and districts must provide parents with another piece of information:  their self-assessed anti-bullying grade.

    A provision in the state’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act requires the Commissioner of Education to develop a program to grade the efforts of each public school and district to address bullying in the school environment.

    To do so, the New Jersey Department of Education created a 20-page self-assessment form that each school completed, to measure how well it met the requirements of the act.  Those grades must be posted on each school’s website.
    The self-assessment gives each school a raw score from 0 to 78, based on how well the school met requirements in eight categories.  The grading rubric includes such areas as providing programs to prevent harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB); staff training; student curriculum and instruction; reporting and investigation procedures; and proper staffing.

    Please click on the above link for more information and to view Midland School Anti-Bullying grades.