• Where You Can Go For Help
    If you are concerned that a friend is suicidal - remember - listen carefully, stay with your friend and get help.
    Call 262-HELP
    Trained counselors will answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Remember, you cannot take responsibility for another person's life - the decision is their own - you may, however, be able to help your friend see other ways of dealing with his problems and pain.
    Suicide Warning Signs
    • Serious Depression 
    • Increasingly isolated
    • Giving away prized possessions
    • Sudden drop in school or work performance
    • Making statements about wanting to die
    • Acting in a violent fashion
    • Taking unnecessary risks
    • Threatening to commit suicide
    • Acting in a strange manner
    • Suddenly happy for no reason after a long depression
    • Abusing drugs or alcohol
    One sign may or may not signal trouble ... more than one sign often means that some help is necessary.  Notice how long the signs have been present, how intently the person feels about things going wrong in his life and how many signs are present at one time.
    What To Say To A Troubled Friend
    • I'm here for you.
    • I want to hear about what's bothering you.
    • Let's talk.
    • Things are tough now but you are not alone.  I am here to help.
    • I would feel horrible if you hurt yourself, and I don't want you to die.
    • We'll find someone who can help.
    What Not To Do
    • Don't try to handle it alone.
    • Don't swear yourself to secrecy.
    • Don't ignore your friend.
    • Don't change the subject.
    • Don't suggest drugs or alcohol as a solution. (Most people commit suicide while taking a chemical like drugs or alcohol)
    • Don't leave the person alone.
    What You Can Do To Help A Depressed Or Suicidal Friend
    • Listen to your friend with concern.
    • Allow them to express their feelings.
    • Don't try to give simple solutions. 
    • Be direct, open and honest.
    • Express your concern in a non-judgmental manner.
    • Show your support by encouraging your friend to seek professional help immediately.
    • If they refuse, get help for them.
    • Don't try to handle the situation alone.

    Call 201-262-HELP (4357) when you or a loved one are experiencing a mental health crisis.