• Ms. Donna Johnson

    HELLO and WELCOME to my page!
    Let me tell you a little about myself:
                                I started teaching over 30 years ago! I graduated with a degree in Special Education from William Paterson College( now University) in 1987!  I spent 15 years of my teaching career teaching in a private school for children with behavioral challenges.  During my time there I started a preschool disabled program which I won two awards for, Teacher of The Year for the Region and Teacher of the Year for the State of New Jersey.  I am very proud of these awards.  
                                  When Midland School was looking to start a preschool disabled program, I was introduced to the superintendent by my friend Mrs. Weiner ( the former Music teacher here).  During the interview I was told the position was half a day preschool disabled teacher and half a day kindergarten teacher.  So I obtained my elementary education certification and began teaching here at Midland in 2003.  In 2005 I was Midland School's Teacher of the Year...another very proud moment in my life! In addition to preschool disabled and kindergarten, I have taught workshop A, resource room and have been an inclass support teacher.  This school year I am teaching:
                                                              Resource Room Math for grades 4, 5 and 6
                                 In-class Support for 6th grade Science and Social Studies
     I also have a Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities with an LDTC  endorsement.  
    I am very happy to be here at Midland School.  I truly LOVE teaching and I thank you for reading my page!