• Think Central Weekly Online Assessments

    FYI: Online Assessment will be available beginning Friday and will close at midnight on Saturday

    How do I login?


    1. Visit https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/
    2. On the pull down lists please add the following
      1. Country: United States
      2. State: New Jersey
      3. District: Rochelle Park
      4. School: Midland No. 1
    3. Click the box that states “Remember School”
    4. Enter your child’s username and password. These usernames and passwords will be provided to you by your homeroom teacher. 
    5. Click Login


    What can I do once I log in?


    Under “My Library” you will have access to Grammar Snap videos that may be available for that lesson, the student book, Reader’s Notebook, and audio hub. 


    How do I access each library item available?


    When you click My Library, your options will pop up. Please read each individual library item for information.


    Grammar Snaps

    1. Click Grammar Snaps
    2. Click Grade 2
    3. Scroll down to the lesson we are working on. Please be advised that not every lesson has a video


    Student Ebook

    1. Click Student Ebook
    2. Click Book 2
    3. On the left hand side click Content
    4. Click Unit 4
    5. Click Lesson 20
    6. Look at the Vocabulary in Context and read the story of the week


    Reader’s Notebook (they have their actual workbook at home)

    1. Click Reader’s Notebook
    2. Click Volume 2
    3. On the left hand side click Content
    4. Click Unit 4
    5. Click Lesson 20


    Audio Hub

    1. Click Audio Hub
    2. Click Student Book
    3. Click the story of the week and listen


    How do I access assessments?


    1. On the home screen, click Things to Do
    2. Click the name of the test you are working on at that time.  (ex: Weekly Test Lesson 20 Comprehension)

    There will be 4 in total: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonics, and Grammar

    1. Under Resources, click the name of the test again (it will be in blue)
    2. Type in the assigned password: lesson202G (this password will be the same throughout)
    3. Click continue
    4. Read the instructions with your child
    5. Click Start Test
    6. When you have finished the test, click Score Test and OK
    7. Once you submit, your child’s test score will appear
    8. To complete the next test, return to the home screen and follow the directions again

    *If your child needs to pause in between, they can click pause test.When you log in again, it will resume where it was. 

    *If you miss a question and try to submit the test, the system will alert you. 


    Video directions below:

    Think Central