• Meet Ms. Yevchak


    School: Midland School #1

    Grade Level: Middle School Resource/In-class Support

    Contact: kyevchak@rochellepark.org

    About Me:

    This is my second year at Midland School, as well as my second year as a full-time teacher! I graduated from Montclair State University with my Bachelor's Degree in Family Science and Human Development, with a minor in Child Advocacy in Spring 2019, and graduated from MSU again in May 2020 with my Graduate Degree in K-6 General Education and P-12 Special Education. I conducted my student teaching in 2019-2020 in an inclusive classroom in Wayne, NJ, where I was present for both in-class instruction for over half of the year, as well as online learning from March-June. Last year, I taught 6th and 7th grade resource both online and in-person. 

    Class Mission:

     My main objective for all my classes is to provide a least-restrictive environment in which all my students have the ability to learn to their fullest potential in ways that best suit their individual needs. I will utilize various academic methods, tools, and strategies in order to provide many outlets and options for student to use when learning and collaborating, both with their peers and individually. My first and most important goal in my educational career is to make sure all of my students feel safe, heard, respected, and that their voice matters. I am looking forward to being able to get to know my students both personally and academically in the year to come!