• G/T

    Gifted and Talented instruction is provided to students who are identified in grades Kindergarten through grade eight. 

    ~Grade Levels K & 1~

    Teachers address the needs of students who are identified as gifted learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1 by differentiated instruction in the classroom, as well as incorporating higher level thinking skills and activities.  These students are challenged in a general classroom setting, as they expand upon their intellectual curiosity. 

    ~Grade Levels 2-6~

    Our gifted learners in Grade 2 through Grade 6 are in a pull-out program.  Students meet with the Gifted and Talented teacher in small group settings that promote cross-curricular activities, higher level thinking, problem solving skills, and application of concepts. 

    ~Grade Levels 7 & 8~

    Our identified gifted students in Grade 7 and Grade 8 are addressed in Honors classes in both ELA and Mathematics.  Each year students are considered for these Honors classes.  The courses offered are Honors ELA 7, Honors ELA 8, Pre-Algebra (7th) and Algebra 1 (8th).  These courses are designed with more rigor and move at a quicker pace than the general ELA and Mathematic courses do.    


    These services are offered each year, continually, once the student has been indentified and enrolled in the program.