March SEL Topic: Patience








    What is patience?

    Patience is the ability to wait for something while maintaining your calm.  It is the ability to know that the thing you are waiting for will eventually come, and having the self-control to stay composed until it happens.  Everyone has different levels of patience, but we all face situations where we want something right away and cannot understand why we have to wait.  This can cause us to feel different emotions such as anger and sadness.


    Why is patience important? 

    Patience is important because there will be many times in life that this has to be exercised.  Without patience and self-control, we can become stuck in the feelings of anger and sadness that sometimes follows impatience.  Being impatient can cause us to act in ways that we may regret later or make a decision that may not have been the best.  Patience has definitely been important for the past year where we have not been able to do many of the activities or see loved ones like before.  It may seem that things will never change but we have to try to be patient and remind ourselves that things won’t be this way forever.  Patience allows us to open our eyes to the things that we do have control over, and to be productive in other ways while we are waiting.



    Reflect on your personal patience by completing the worksheets below!

    Grades K-2: Picture of Patience

    Grades 3-5: Patience Quick Write 

    Grades 6-8: Patience isn’t Always Easy