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    Homework - 6th grade 
    We have left Greece and are turning our attention to Rome.  Rome had very simple beginnings.  It was founded by several different cultures over a period of hundreds or thousands of years.  However, the people of Rome wanted a better description of the history so they made up a story involving two brothers - Romulus and Remus - and how their story led to the origins of Rome.
    We are practicing the Cornell method of taking notes from the textbook.  There are many websites that discuss this method.  A link to one site is: 
    For the week of March 9th
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 297-299
    Wednesday - Bring in a Ropman-related picture
    Thursday - Read page 300
    Friday - On page 303 answer questions 1-3 and 13-15
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    For the week of March 2nd
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