Welcome To Science

  • What is Science?

    Students, my definition of science has always been --" Science, is everything and anything I want to know about the natural world and beyond"!

    When I was in the 7th and 8th grade, the word science brought to mind a white lab coat, a microscope, test tubes bubbling with unknown chemicals, Archimedes, the space program and probably a heavy text book.  But, science is so much more ...


    .  Science is Exciting -  it is a way of discovering those facts that we want to verify and what we want to discover as new information!


    .  Science is Ongoing --  it continually refines and expands our knowlege of our natural world, Earth and our universe.  Our inital questions lead to new questions and our quest for knowledge is never satisfied!


    .  "Science is a global human experience" --  People all over the planet participate in the process of science.  The Periodic Table of Elements is a prime example of this truth.   You are part of the global experience.  Remember, when you look at the Periodic Table, you are looking at a unique language.  


    .  Science is useful --  knowlege can be refined and what we gain expands our horizons.  You can be a part of developing new technology, treat diseases, find cures for diseases, explore the rainforets for its riches and promises.  


    Scientists are motivated, they are thrill seekers.  Scientists long to figure out what no man has known before!

    I hope this year, you become a thrill seeker and you come up with your own answer to the life long question, What is science?

    Have a great year, 

    Mrs. Rainone


    All notices will now be placed on Google Classroom .... that includes homework and other information!  ER