• How do students qualify for ESL?
    Every fall, we use a standardized test, the WIDA Model, to determine the eligibility of students.
    How long do students stay in ESL?
    Exit testing is conducted every spring. Once students meet multiple requirements including the ACCESS tests that show they have achieved English proficiency, they are exited from ESL.
    What should parents do to help their children with English at home?
    Parents should speak English at home whenever possible.  They should read to their children or use audio books to give children a chance to hear English on a regular basis.  They should also practice their home language, since building a foundation in vocabulary in the home language helps children learn English more effectively.
    Do ESL teachers speak all the languages of their students?
    Usually not. Midland ESL students speak 8 different languages! When I have trouble explaining something, I use a children's picture dictionary, the Smart Board, or draw a picture.  If more help is needed, older primary students can use their own bilingual dictionaries or Google Translate.
    What do the students do in ESL classes?
    The students learn to read, write, speak and listen in English in a variety of formats, while using higher order problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  They learn about the world around them in their school community as well as in the global community through poems and songs, studying fiction and non-fiction stories, writing journals, completing posters and creating projects and oral reports. Often, I push into their classes instead of pulling students out with me. This means they do not miss anything from their classroom.
    How do I get my child to read at home?
    Allow your child to choose reading material at home such as picture books, comic books, magazines - anything that piques their interest.  Audiobooks in English are excellent. Take the time to read with them and ask them questions to help them comprehend the text.  Show your love for reading by taking a family trip to the bookstore and/or library, and reading at your leisure.