• My Mission as a Teacher is to Inspire a Love of Learning.
    I wish for my students to become the best people they can be....I wish for them to try and put forth their best effort in all that they do.
    I wish for them to be proud of their accomplishments and to learn from their mistakes...but to know that mistakes are going to happen and it is okay to make mistakes....just learn from them. 
    I wish for my students to know that you don't always have to know the answer .... but know how to get the answer... who can help you..... know the resources around you.
    I wish for my students to learn and grow each year into a more self-sufficient, confident people who believe in themselves...and know they can do anything and be anything they want. 
    And finally...I wish for my students to be happy and enjoy learning....and to know that no matter where their journey leads them I will always be rooting for them!
    Miss Johnson